Who Am I?

Hello! I’m Angel, and I’m going to help you figure out how to get the most out of your life through health, wealth, & awareness for the mind, body, & soul. 
I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach with Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, & Clairaudient abilities. I use these abilities to guide my clients towards their goals.
I specialize in Mental Health & Self-Love advocacy because I truly believe it is the basis for true happiness and life satisfaction.
I have lost over 100+ pounds naturally and holistically alongside my health journey. I healed my lifelong struggle with depression, anxiety, major panic attacks, self-hate, suicidal thoughts, & eating disorders using resources, tools, and proven tactics that produce REAL RESULTS. I look forward to working together so that I can help you thrive within your life and cultivate your own passion for health, wealth, & awareness.




From Chakra Cleansings to All Natural Products— This Creatrix Shaman Got Your Physical & Energetic Back!


Hi there, this is Stephanie Sparks, and I’m here today to talk to you about the potent power of my first energy healing sessions with Angel Shamsa. I myself have been an energy healer – certified – for over 15 years (believe it or not), and have accrued other, various healthcare certifications in more recent years. All that to say, though, that I was not fully prepared for the power of our first sessions together. 

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “get your head on straight”, that’s kind of exactly what I experienced. Not only did my spine and my psyche shift simultaneously, but I got to experience total alignment – spiritual and otherwise. And I’m not joking when I say that the power in my apartment was reset in that exact moment, as well. I have never experienced so drastic a session, nor has my life blossomed so noticeably after a treatment.

It is evident that Angel Shamsa possesses a divine connection, one that is both safe and trustworthy, and that is not an endorsement I make lightly. I would recommend her healing services to anyone with my highest regard, especially given the fact that, as a client, you have almost complete control over when and where your healing takes place. So, I recommend that you speak with her about your self-aspirations, give yourself permission to experience some TLC – which, for me, is “truth, love, and consciousness” – and go and get that joy and abundance that is out there through her healing. Namaste. 


I suffer from constant body crippling depression, severe anxiety, and severe PTSD, to the point where I can't function like a normal person, and to the point where I've had s-----al tendencies. Being an artist myself, this got to the point where my artistic side completely shut down, not being able to make any music for a good while, which in turn, made me fall deeper into a depression, so my soul was aching, my spirit was hurting badly and worst of all, my body was failing me. In comes Angel. I explained to her my situation, my feelings, and my pain. The process was very painful and excruciating, mainly because I had so many years of pent-up anger, suffering, and all-around darkness in my soul (and possibly a curse or 2 inside me). Angel was my guide through the whole process and I trusted her throughout the entire process It felt like a piece of me was completely infected with pain, dark emotions, and even painful intentions, and that cancerous piece of me was completely ripped out of me. I have no regrets about going through that, as I feel free, I feel much more clear-headed, much more alive. Like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and thanks all to Angel and her knowledge and wisdom.


I am not new when it comes to working with holistic humans with gifts such as Angel. However, what I am new to is receiving such an accurate, authentic, and in-depth reading on my first encounter. Not only did Angel instantly make me feel comfortable, she wasted no time getting to the good stuff and breaking down what each of my cards meant. She has a natural gift for being in tune with her craft and I do believe she is guided by higher energies. Angel answered any and all questions for clarification, offered poignant advice, and presented overwhelming themes in an easy-to-digest flow. I was overjoyed that she made mention of aspects of my life that she couldn't have possibly known about! When magic like this happens, I've learned to watch and appreciate the experience. I am following some of the advice offered during my reading and it's been nothing but positive results. I will definitely seek her services out whenever I feel like I want the veil lifted on issues, concerns, or just have a curiosity about what is happening in my life. It was a sacred session that I benefited from greatly.


I had the privilege of connecting with Angel for a podcast episode and I felt such strong energy from her and decided to do a chakra cleansing with her. To say it was incredible would be an understatement. She channeled powerful mind/body/soul things that I needed to hear. She is so gentle and straightforward with her words. She said some things I would have never thought to work on or need more of, I learned so much about myself through this session. I am so thankful we decided to make a podcast episode out of this experience to share her powerful divine with the world. Angel makes you feel so comfortable and she is so in tune with her spirit guides. This session made me feel relaxed and recharged in the best way. She even brought up one of my favorite quotes that I love and have always connected with. She has such a gift and I would recommend her to anyone!


Whether you are interested in readings of any kind, need to ask questions about my spiritual services, or my shop, click the button below to contact me!

I don’t bite…too hard 😉

Thank you! 🙂 love & light to you all! <3


A Prayer/Spell for Abundance & Well Wishes:

I declare unto thee a wonderous & safe journey.

Through life & its twists & turns, I pray your Inner fire still burns.

You flow like water grounded with dirt until your home is no longer Earth.

Full of abundance & daring to become the best version of what can be.

In the meantime, stay present with love & know you’ll be free.

So mote it MF be.

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